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400: Too many fonts requested for Internet Explorer

Please request fewer web fonts for Internet Explorer or only the fonts which are used on this page. Older versions of Internet Explorer block and download ALL requested web fonts, whether they are used or not.

Requested (7) web fonts: Family{name=Dancing Script, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v15} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=400.0}),Family{name=Manrope, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v3} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=400.0}),Family{name=Open Sans, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v18} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Oswald, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v35} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=300.0}),Family{name=Poppins, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v13} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Spartan, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v2} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=400.0}),Family{name=Work Sans, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v8} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=300.0})

For reference, see the Google Fonts API documentation.

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